Lake of the Woods Ontario Walleye Fishing

Harris Hill Resort is located on Lake of the Woods between the communities of Rainy River and Morson Ontario.We are approx 7 miles to the mouth of the Rainy River. Lake of The Woods is famous for Walleye fishing. Harris Hill has beautiful lakeview cottages as well as lakeside camping for RVs and tenters. We offer both American Plan and Housekeeping accommodations. We are also open in the winter for Walleye Ice fishing and Snowmobile vacations with heated cabins and ice fishing huts. This area of Lake of The Woods, where we are located and where we fish, is the hottest spot for the biggest trophy Walleyes. Come enjoy a guided or unguided Walleye fishing vacation or a fun family vacation on beautiful Lake of the Woods.

First Nation Guides is a family-owned boat-in wilderness lodge at the south-east shores of the Aulneau Peninsula within Lake Of The Woods with boats on Crow Lake. Guests are boated in from Nestor Falls or welcome to bring their own boats. Their claim to fame is the unbelievable Walleye fishing. You can expect to catch 20 to 50 Walleyes per day minimum. On really good days guests have reported catching between 100 and 150 Walleyes in a day. Recently there have been excellent days where guests reported catching close to 200 Walleyes in a day. The harder you fish the more you will catch. Guests can expect to catch several Walleyes in the 4 to 6 pound range each day with most guests catching at least one Walleye in the 7 to 10-pound range during a week of fishing. Guests have caught 32-inch Walleyes over 12 pounds. Accommodations are in a large lakefront housekeeping cottage with all modern amenities. Interiors are tastefully decorated with newer furniture and tongue-&-grove pine throughout. As the name suggest guides are available at all times. They also have fishing for Musky, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Bass, Perch, Sauger & Crappie.

Northwest Outfitters is a small and remote outpost lodge located on Shoal Lake and not far from the narrows leading to Lake of the Woods. Shoal Lake is a year round Walleye sanctuary. You cannot keep the Walleyes you catch in Shoal Lake. This is a catch-&-release Trophy Walleye Lake. It's the main spawning ground for all of Lake of the Woods and produces the biggest Walleyes you will find anywhere. It's also your best chance at catching the biggest Walleye of your life. This is Heaven for trophy Walleye hunters. Walleyes in the five to ten pound range are common. If you want to keep and eat Walleyes it is not that far to Lake of the Woods and out of the Walleye sanctuary. They offer an American Plan option and guiding. Their modern cottages are clean and comfortable. They also offer outstanding fishing for Musky, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass and Lake Trout. These species are not protected in the Walleye sanctuary so regular limits apply.

Oak Island Resort is located on remote Oak Island on the border of Minnesota and Ontario in Lake of the Woods so guests can fish both American and Canadian waters. Their walleye fishing is fantastic and they have 1000s of photos to prove it. Walleyes are available in good numbers but their claim to fame is the amount of trophy Walleyes. Lake of the Woods is a big lake and big lakes produce big fish. Walleyes in the 28 to 32-inch range are commonly caught and released by guests. Guests arrive by boat to the lodge from either Young's Bay, Angel Inlet or Big Narrows. They have clean and comfortable lakefront housekeeping cottages, which have a gorgeous view of the western sunsets. Fishing for Northern Pike, Musky, Smallmouth Bass, Perch and Crappie is also available. This is a fishing only lodge. There is no hunting as the island is a nature preserve.